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March 4, 2013

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Valentine’s Glossy Box. January-February 2013

February 6, 2013

Glossy Box January 2012Why is it Valentines? Because it’s coming, baby, it’s coming! The Love Day! If I could, I would have celebrated Love Day every month. May be even every day. May be, in the next life. Meanwhile California treats me nicely. For me – Love is in the air. Perhaps because of that or simply because the new Glossy Box is good, I loved this shipment. To tell you the truth, the order is as of January 9Th! One would think that it would come sooner. Nope. Just now. I guess, Glossy Box takes New Year vacation as well as the rest of us. OK, I have to give you a spoiler: there are really nice discoveries in this box and they do fit perfectly in the Love Theme. Are you ready to look inside? Continue reading »

Klutch Club January 2013

February 2, 2013

Klutch Club January 2013Every now and then each of us feels sad and down. Lacking faith in people or even worse – faith in yourself. Some of us may even feel disconnected sometimes. And kinda alone. Even when there are people around you, sometimes it’s still a bit hard to feel that you belong again. And then you receive a cute box that was carefully designed. You open it and find some products that were lovingly put together for you – to feel good. I know, it’s all just business. You paid for it, and received what you paid for. But it still feels good. Believe me, I would know. Every single time I receive a Klutch Club box, I feel happy. Because I know, that I am about to start yet once again an amazing journey if great discoveries. Continue reading »

New Beauty Test Tube – January 2013

February 2, 2013

New Beauty Test Tube - Wonderful in January 2013A spoiler alert! New Beauty (Original) Test Tube is pretty yummy this month. There are great product in there which I am keeping, enjoying, loving, an being happy to have learned about. But I am not gonna tell you the value just yet. Not because I wanna intrigue you. Not really. I just don’t know myself. Let’s look what’s in it, try it, sample it, and get to the funnest part of calculations. I am just kidding. What can be more fun than sampling cosmetics? Right? Only keep the cosmetics you really liked sampling! Continue reading »

A New Ipsy – January 2013. Party Bag!

February 2, 2013

Ipsy January 2013Just like I said before, Ipsy is the leader among subscription boxes considering the provided value. For $10.00 per month you get products worth close to $50.00. Isn’t it a sweet deal? Every month a new surprise. Every month – a new amazement, new discoveries. When I saw a “blurred” teaser photo of the January bag on Ipsy website, I kinda got a bit worried – too much red! And the kinda red I don’t wear. Bright red. Red nail polish and there was something else red. I thought – please, don’t send me this a nail polish of this color! I mean, I like giving gifts to my girlfriends, but sometimes I really want to keep something for myself! Right? I think I deserve it. Continue reading »

Kara’s Way January 2013 Box

January 31, 2013

Kara's Way January 2013 BoxKara’s way has been delivering interesting discoveries, and I am thankful for that. However, I can’t say that I have been extremely impressed with the selection. Will this month be a breakthrough with some really nice products or not? You will find out soon. Let’s get back to previous boxes though and see what they delivered. The November box was super awesome! The Value Coefficient was not so big although the selection impressed me. December box however I did not really like. I only enjoyed 2 out of five samples and the Value Coefficient dropped that month. I had many hopes for this month’s box, I really didn’t want to get completely disappointed. Continue reading »

January Eco-Emi, Warm and Inviting!

January 31, 2013

Eco-Emi January 2013I wasn’t really sure about my new Eco-Emi, since I was so uninspired by the last one. I guess, it always helps in life – to not expect much, cause this is a true way to amazing discoveries and excitement. Not having expected anything wonderful from Eco-Emi, I was pleasantly surprised by their January box! First of all, among some very interesting products, it was filled with nice moss cushioning and little red hearts. I know, it’s not February yet, but I guess it was done especially for my birthday (it’s in January). I am a sucker for nice packaging and pretty wrapping. This month Eco-Emi people made sure to make it special for us! Continue reading »

Beauty Fix – My Last One, Which I Will Miss

January 30, 2013

Beautyfix Winter 2013Well, what can I say. Some things last, some go fast, some we love, but need to let go to move on to new things. Beauty Fix quarterly subscription has been a great discovery! It’s easily one of the best subscriptions out there. The downside of Beauty fix is that it’s quarterly. On the other hand, it is pricey, with tax it goes up to $54 for 8 products. You can easily get 5 times value of what you paid, but still, you have gotta wait for three months to get a new parcel from them. Another downside is that it’s never a surprise. But, hey. You get to pick, and you can pick only what you want and like! This is a great thing! I wish I could stay longer, Beauty Fix, but for now I have gotta go.

This time I have selected couple product from the past selection, which I loved, as well as a few new products that look really cool! Continue reading »

Beautybar.com/Allure Sample Society – January 2013

January 30, 2013

Beautybar.com/Allure Sample Society – January 2013Sample Society, a monthly subscription that is a joint venture between BeautyBar.com and Allure magazine, was my very first subscription box. I’ve been a loyal Allure subscriber since I was 15. That means I’ve been reading it for more than half my life! I’m a huge magazine junkie but Allure has always and will always be my favorite. The day that my Allure arrives each month is always a good one, because it means that I’ll have something amazing to read as I soak in the tub or tuck in for the night. To me, they are the absolute authority on beauty, and they always offer a good mix of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and other content. Continue reading »

Birchbox – The Disappointment Of All Birchboxes…

January 19, 2013

I have been waiting for more than a month to become a Birchbox subscriber, because I heard that this could be easy the best monthly cosmetic subscription ever. Even though I did not think it was the best, I still liked it and was happy to purchase a year-long subscription. I was slightly disappointed when I started receiving food items with my Borchboxes, I am not here really for food samples. I was not really mad for receiving snacks, but hoped for more. December was fine, but the box value coefficient dropped 100 points compared to November. In November the box added value was 3.6 times its cost, and in вecember only 2.6. I mean, it’s OK, it’s still a great value and I liked the products. However, the January 2013 Birchbox was a huge disappointment. Continue reading »

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